Community Event September/October 2021: Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments

Community Event September/October 2021: “Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments”

Short description

During our workshop, entitled: “Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments”, we will present how to implement multi-cloud native strategies using an advanced open-source framework.
Such framework allows for Cloud-agnostic Cross-Cloud deployment and optimized management of a Cloud application based on flexible monitoring, context-aware maximization of the application owner’s utility of the deployed application, and autonomic reconfiguration based on the application’s current execution context.
During our workshop, we provide a practical introduction to multi-cloud application modelling, configuration, deployment, and adaptation. All stages of the Cloud deployment planning and designing process will be shown. Also, all the key steps in the deployment and autonomic application management will be demonstrated.


During the last couple of years, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions are becoming very popular. With the emerging cloud options, modern enterprises increasingly rely on hybrid cloud solutions to meet their computational demands by acquiring additional resources from public clouds dynamically as per their needs. International Data Corporation (IDC), which is a leading market-research firm, in its CloudView Survey 2017, reported that 87% of cloud users have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy and 56% of the users use more than one type of cloud deployment. Still, many organizations hesitate to use Cloud computing because they have data that must stay private, and it is difficult to avoid Cloud provider lock-in. Moreover, different Cloud providers offer different solutions and it could be desirable to mix and match the best offerings. The minimal deployment requirements for most Cloud users are to minimize the deployment cost while maximizing the performance of their application. Cloud Computing offers significant advantages over traditional cluster computing architectures including flexibility, high availability, ease of deployments, and on-demand resource allocation - all packed up in an attractive pay-as-you-go economic model for the users.


This workshop, entitled: “Proactive and polymorphic adaptation of multi-cloud deployments” will provide an introduction to the multi-cloud application modelling, configuration, deployment, and adaptation, including the survey of the existing Cloud Management Platforms (CMP), modelling methods, and languages.
Moreover, we will provide an overview of the latest research, the comparison of different CMPs available (such as Cyclone RightScale and Google Cloud Anthos).
During our workshop, we will use the MELODIC open-source middleware platform to implement a self-adaptive deployment and reconfiguration system based on a feedback-driven control loop for example multicomponent Cloud application doing genome data mining.

Based on the MELODIC approach, we will show the existing research project MORPHEMIC and its first release of Proactive and Polymorphic Adaptation, Proactive Scheduler, Self-healing Event Management System and CAMEL Designer. We will also mention existing research challenges in the area to motivate research in this direction.

Our workshop is planned as 3 sessions, 30 minutes each and is covering the following topics:

PART I: Introduction of multi-cloud ideas and the latest research
A. Introduction to Multi-Cloud optimization,
B. Overview of MELODIC
C. Extensions to MORPHEMIC
D. New features of MORPHEMIC: The SR Crawler

Speakers: Geir Horn - University of Oslo, Maria Di Girolamo - Engineering

PART II: Deployment of the MORPHEMIC Platform
A. UI and features walkthrough
B. CAMEL model overview
C. Preparation of the CAMEL model for sample application
D. Deployment and optimization of the sample application
E. Reconfiguration of the application

Speaker/s: TBD

PART III: Existing Research Challenges and Summary

Speaker: Geir Horn - University of Oslo

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