Theme 2: Cloud Computing research challenges

Europe has a vivid community of researchers working in the area of Cloud Computing. As new Work Programmes from the European Commission are coming up soon, this theme gives researchers the opportunity to provide their view on the research priorities Europe should focus on in the future.

How to contribute?
Propose a workshop (max. 70 minutes) on Cloud Computing research challenges using the Theme 2 wizard below and invite your research colleagues to vote for your workshop. We will select up to 6 workshops and help you organising them. Participants of the workshops will be invited to submit a presentation, and organisers with the help of H-CLOUD rapporteurs will provide a summary position at the end of the event.

Example topics for the workshop include but not limit to:

  • Self-* clouds
  • Decentralised Clouds
  • Security for Cloud-edge continuum
  • Federated Cloud-edge continuum architectures
  • SLA and QoS in cloud-edge continuum
  • Cloud-native programming

How to submit?
To propose a workshop, click on + Theme 2 wizard and fill in the template that will appear. After submission, your workshop proposal will be publicly available in the “Theme 2” area of the H-CLOUD Forum and the community can vote on which workshop should be realised during the H-CLOUD Summit.

Submission deadline : 25 October 2020

How to vote?
After your submission, your Theme 2 proposal will be automatically posted in the Theme 2 section of the H-CLOUD Forum. It will only be visible to registered users of the H-CLOUD Forum. Every user is invited to vote on your proposal by clicking on the button “Vote”, which can be seen directly on the left next to your proposal’s title. Remember: The proposals with the highest votes will be selected for the H-CLOUD Summit, so please encourage your peers to vote!

Voting deadline: 30 October 2020

Notification by: 6 November 2020

If you have any question, please create a + New Topic